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The Little Mermaid by Thomas Kinkade

Canvas Size:  18" x 27" (and larger)
Standard Numbered (Others available)
Frame:  Your choice
Availability:  On Order
Delivery Options:  Personal delivery available
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  The creation of “The Little Mermaid” much like “Tinker Bell and Peter Pan Fly to Neverland”, presented special technical and aesthetic challenges for me that were not present in most of my other Disney paintings. Thematically, this film deals with the clash between two worlds and how to best integrate them together. So it was with my painting. I had to bring the undersea world of Ariel’s childhood into peace with the land-bound life she so longed for with her beloved, Prince Eric. I felt the sea life at the bottom of the composition did this, allowing both parts of Ariel’s life, past and future, in all their regal and colorful glory. I truly hope the loyal fans of the film enjoy my narrative tale of “The Little Mermaid”.

      - Thomas Kinkade
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