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Sleeping Beauty by Thomas Kinkade
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Canvas Size:  18" x 27"
Edition:  Gallery Proof
Frame:  Brandy
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  Sleeping Beauty is my eighth creation in the Disney Dreams Collection, and is the most lavishly detailed of the series that I have painted to date. My painting is filled with the enchantment of the original story. From the woodcutter's cottage where Briar Rose was hidden by the three good fairies to the magnificent castle where Princess Aurora would awaken to love's first kiss...then in the distance we see the climatic fight between the good Prince Phillip and the evil Maleficent in dragon form; I've interpreted the entire story in a narrative panorama for all to enjoy. Of course central to the painting, and as testament to the strength of true love, we see the prince and his awakened beauty in each other's arms as friends great and small gather in celebration of their undying devotion. Whether you are a fan of Sleeping Beauty or simply an unabashed romantic who believes love conquers all, enjoy this painting as my gift to you!

      - Thomas Kinkade
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