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Dominance of Amen Corner - Auburn Knocks off #1 Georgia and Bama

Included in this high quality display:

  • Precision cut and assembled 18" x 24" solid wood frame
  • Computerized cut orange and blue mats
  • Engraved gold plaque
  • Premium clear glass
  • Back of frame sealed with a dust cover
  • Gold hanger on back
  • Top quality prints by Larry Pitts
  • 100% replacement shipping insurance
  • Satisfaction guaranteed

“I don’t know when I first started calling [our last three games] ‘Amen Corner.’ You know I’m from Augusta, home of the Masters golf tournament. And they call holes No. 11, 12 and 13, ‘Amen Corner.’ Many a tournament has been won or lost on those three holes. Well, we had to finish our season every year with Florida, Georgia, and Alabama. If that’s not the ‘Amen Corner,’ there ain’t one. Three strong teams known for their strong defenses. … I don’t think a lot of schools have beaten those three teams three straight times.”

-- Pat Dye

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